Welcome to my web space, a place to share my writing, photography, and other art projects. 

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil.  My passion for art began when I initiated theater studies at Teatro Escola Macunaíma (São Paulo, 1974).  I participated in several productions involving children’s theater, circus, and dance.  I moved to the United States in 1988. 

I learned English through foreign trade undergraduate studies.  Then, I received my master’s degree in business administration (MBA) at Suffolk University, Boston, MA, and today, I also work in foreign trade regulatory affairs.

Currently, I reside on the Northshore of Boston, MA.  

In 2018, I finally decided to reconnect to art and started writing.  I independently published two collections of poems: Reencontro” (2019) and “Retrajetoria(2020).   I explored writing this collection of poems using some of my photographs.  Photography has been an enjoyable art activity, especially when I am outdoors.   Today, I still write my poems using elements from my photography. 

I have been studying creative writing for children for the past three years.  I am working on my first illustrated Children’s literature book, which will be available in Portuguese this Fall.   I am excited about exploring my poetry and Children’s literature. 

My published work is in Portuguese.  However, I plan on working on publishing a collection of epistolary poems in English. 

I take great pleasure in sharing my photography of places I’ve been around the world, hiking trips in the mountains, rain forests, national parks, and waterfalls – exploring the beauty of nature.  I am happy when I am near the sea.  I enjoy very much studying the sounds of different words and languages and meeting and cultivating new friendships around the globe.