Hell to the Naw

                                           To Miss Katie 

Greetings, good spells from all good-hearted 
Witches and wizards of Salem! 
HELL NO to pain, HEAL, Calem,
Port Wine. 

Strong vines and open veins,
Block Island and Island Girl,
HELL YEAH to the Paynes,
it is only three seasons away!

Now in the Autumn, falling
Blazing red-orange colored leaves
Gravitate on the ground, on our shadows,
waiting to be reborn, REGROW, faith, rejuvenate.

Winter will be next, with God’s will,
Spring fields will be full of yellow daffodils,
A bit of rain, baseball.  After that,
Pack your totes, get on
Deck on Marlin Magic, or
Ferry from New London or Orient Point
or by a short flight from Westerly, FLOAT.

Captain John, while the fish spawn,
Motor sail from the Old
Saybrook to the house of summer,
Before dawn.  Before LIFE is lived
to its fullest, before you see
a laughing shinning star when crossing
the Long Island sound.

By Luiz Madrid

16 October 2021