Children’s Literature

During my studies, I became fascinated with the work of Gianni Rodari, an Italian writer and journalist.   In his work “Grammar de la fantasia / The Grammar of Fantasy”: Introduction to the Art of Storytelling.” How to make words more productive, in the sense of making them fantastic.

My second inspiration and influence is Manoel de Barros ( Manoel Wenceslau Leite de Barros), a great Brazilian poet.

He speaks about childhood as a” territory of freedom.” He helped to create a new language and several neologisms, a language that was adverse to the rules or from the regular general use of the word as it is known.

These works inspire me in my creative writing style as I experiment with them as a writer.

“Grilherme, the Dreamer” is my first children’s literature piece, scheduled to be published in September 2023.